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FTI Foodtech International Inc. Connects conventional industry practices with new technology applications.

FTI Foodtech International Inc. (FTI) is using Safe Cash blockchain technology to develop application for the barter and food industries.

A Safe Cash based blockchain application can quickly trace the source of barter goods to be purchased, assure the seller that funds are available and that transfer of funds is quick and traceable. This advance will allow goods and services to be traded with confidence, both locally and internationally, among different barter exchanges and/or corporations.

FLASH coin is a cryptocurrency, based on the Safe Cash blockchain, is used for currency transfer; it can complete 25,000 transactions per second and, because it is decentralized with minimal use of Miners, it is relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly to operate.


Safe Cash technology can also be applied to food safety challenges by increasing accuracy and speed of traceability when an issue occurs in the food industry. Problems can be solved in minutes rather than days, allowing expedient resumption of food production/manufacturing.

Why Work With FTI Foodtech

FTI has a long history of connecting conventional industry practices with new technology. FTI’s aim to integrate blockchain technology with these established industries, is a natural continuation of its goal of bringing emerging cutting-edge technology to existing markets to create a synergy that has the power to unlocks their next evolution.

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The FTI Opportunity

Developing Safe Cash Blockchain Applications for the Barter and Food Industries

  • Safe Cash blockchain technology empowers banks, merchants and consumers.
  • Allows users to send and receive money and tokens worldwide.

FTI has licenses for FLASH coin remittance technologies

  • Almost $1 Trillion annually are sent through the international remittance market.
  • With FLASH, anyone can send cryptocoins anywhere in the world in seconds virtually for free.

Bringing Crypto-Currency to the Barter Industry with FLASH

By merging FLASH with current barter exchanges, FTI expects to enable members to safely and securely conduct transactions using blockchain technology.

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