FTI Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Projects

FTI Foodtech International Inc. (FTI) connects conventional industry practices with new technology applications. FTI is using two technologies based on the blockchain, to develop applications for the barter and food industry.

The first technology is Safe Cash, a state of the art blockchain. The blockchain will quickly trace the source of barter goods to be purchased, assure the seller that funds are available and that transfer of funds is quick and traceable. This advance will allow goods and services to be traded with confidence, both locally and internationally, among different barter exchanges and/or corporations.

The second technology is a license for the use of FLASHcoin cryptocurrency remittance software, FLASHWeb wallet. FTI will receive fees for all transactions that go through this wallet. The Safe Cash blockchain is used for the currency transfer; it can complete 25,000 transactions per second and, because it is decentralized with minimal use of Miners, it is relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly to operate.

Safe Cash blockchain

Remittance technology that runs FLASH blockchain
Bringing Crypto-Currency to the Barter Industry with FLASH